Beth Wright
Beth has lots of creativity and loves to use these gifts to serve Jesus and share Jesus with the teens. She loves to laugh and her joy and excitement are very contagious. She loves bunnies and unicorns a lot (yes unicorns are real).

Charissa Hey
Charissa loves to share Jesus with the teens, whether it’s through teaching them God’s word or sharing her life with them. She is always ready to help out and love our teens as best she can. She loves turtles, tea and Rocco, her amazing dog.

Lynn-Leigh Brandt
Lynn-Leigh is a natural at connecting with the teens and engaging with their lives, this helps her to share Jesus with them. She has a real enthusiasm when it comes to trying new things at our Friday meetings, which is really encouraging. She loves her lifestyle shoes and is very proud of them (if you don’t know what lifestyle shoes are don’t worry, neither do we).

Jared Hey
Jared is our youth pastor and has the great privilege of heading up this team of incredible leaders who make his life a lot more fun and a whole lot easier. He has a huge heart for seeing teens coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and then helping them grow in their love for Jesus. He loves Meerkats, Messi and his wife Charissa (not in this order).

John Roux
John has a great all round ability which he loves to use to serve our teens with during our Friday meetings. He loves connecting with the teens and sharing Jesus with them. He is a computer guy, he loves gaming and the outdoors (for all we know he could be a super hero).