What is The Gospel?
(From the 9 marks series)

Greg Gilbert, Crossway, 2010

Who this book is for:

This book is specifically for evangelical Christians and seeks to help us to understand the fundamentals of the Gospel so that we can:

  • Increase our worship.
  • Increase our confidence to share.
  • Live the Gospel out in our churches.
  • Keep the sharp edges (i.e. not sharing half the Gospel, that is the nice bits only).

Big Idea – Using Romans 1 – 4 Gilbert shows us the problem and the solution:

  • We are accountable to God (our holy creator calls us to obedience).
  • We are by nature rebels (man the sinner).
  • Our salvation can only be found in Jesus (Jesus the God/Man, who dies for our sins, and was raised).
  • How we can receive this great gift (through repentance and faith).
  • Gilbert concludes this section with a warning to stay clear of the ‘soft gospels’ that masquerade as the true gospel such as the ever popular prosperity and social gospels.


This book is such an easy read, it is clear, concise and very well structured.  If you are unsure of how to share the Gospel buy it, read it and digest it.  The author thinks you could even read the book with a non-Christian!

reviewed by Jaki North