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Getting an ID

How to help the homeless get an ID book

As you know it's difficult to do anything without an ID book. You can't even sell the Big Issue without one! But giving a homeless person cash in the hopes they will use for an ID book, or standing for hours in line with them (to make sure that's where the money gets spent) is tiresome and unwise.

Thankfully the Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC) has a scheme that enables people who are unable to pay for a ID book to earn the cash for one. You can send anyone to CCID and they will ensure that they earn themselves an ID book - often the first step in getting some form of paid work, so that they can sustain themselves.

General Enquiries for CIDC: (021) 674 0639

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Job Hunting

Resources for Homeless People

The Big Issue Straatwerk Sponsorship Dream Worker

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Job Training

Training Opportunities for the Unemployed

U-Turn Learn to Earn The Carpenter's Shop

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Second Phase Screening

If you would like to send somebody to U-turn for screening to access their rehabilitation programme you can send them straight to the U-turn offices at 2nd Avenue on the 2nd Tuesday of any month at 14:00.

Preference is given to people that are already known to U-turn (first phase programmes), so please encourage those you are helping to attend the 'Power House' sessions in the mornings. The Power House is opposite Stadium on Main offering daytime activities that are free to attend.

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