The book of Psalms is a meandering journey through life as we know it. It is full of despair at wickedness, joy in the delights of the world and struggle at our own personal difficulties. It presents us with a life of success, blessing and prosperity, but also with a life of misery, despair and destruction.

The Psalmists grapple with the big questions that haunt us all:

  • Why is the world like it is?
  • Why am I like I am?
  • What about death and what about life?
  • Who is God and what is he like?
  • Does God care about me?
  • How do I live a successful and blessed life?

As the Psalmists grapple with these questions they find that the difference is the presence of God. In both the victories and the defeats, God is constant and the way to live a blessed life. As the Psalmists remember that God is in control and that God is good they move from their problems to a deep peace in the middle of their chaos.

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