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Our Core Values

At St Stephens Church Claremont our aim is to know and love God through Christ crucified

Our core values

  • We work out our aim by placing the Bible at the centre of everything we do. We read it personally, study it in groups and preach it publicly, seeking to live under its authority.
  • We commit to prayer. We will motivate each other to be disciplined and regular in prayer.
  • We commit to growth in personal holiness. In response to God’s salvation we will hold each other to the highest standards of Christian living.
  • We share our faith making evangelism something that we live.
  • Recognising that our love for people shows our love for God, we consciously seek to further community by serving each other in genuine, joyful, love relationships.
  • We commit to training future workers for gospel ministry and training ourselves in discipleship to better serve God.
    We recognise the significant amount of poverty and need in our country; to this end we uphold gospel-motivated social concerns.
  • We endeavour to be constantly involved in planting new (and strengthening existing) churches, groups, communities and ministries, trying to reach every corner of our society with the gospel.
  • We commit to world mission (across international borders), regional mission (across cities and provinces) and local mission (within our own city).