Saturday, April 29, 2017

Seeking God?

The world is not as it should be. There is something wrong when our experience of life is filled with war, sickness, heartache, injustice and pain. The Bible says that this brokenness has come about because humans have abandoned the one who made them. We have replaced God with the things he has made for us to enjoy. Instead of loving him we love the stuff he made for us. God is hurt, disappointed and angry at our rejection of him. He is so great and so wonderful and so mighty that he deserves our best not our scorn.


Our offense is so great that God is going to punish and destroy humanity and he has placed suffering in the world as warnings that this is about to happen. But God doesn’t want us to be destroyed…rather he wants us to turn back to him and love him.
He implemented a cosmic plan to make this change possible. He sent his son Jesus into human history. God’s son put skin on. Jesus came into our world and died a horrible death when he was executed on a roman cross in about 33AD. As Jesus died the punishment for human rebellion was placed on God himself, the price for our rejection was paid so that humans no longer have to face the punishment for what they have done. All of this was shown to be true when three days after Jesus died and was buried, he rose to life again. The risen Jesus was seen by over 500 witnesses.

God now holds out to humans for a short time the brilliant offer of being adopted into his family, of the total forgiveness of our rejection of him and of life eternal. It is a brilliant offer well worth taking hold of… 



The next step in knowing more is to read one of the accounts of the life of Jesus. You can read Peter’s eyewitness account for free by following this link

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