Saturday, April 29, 2017

Church Finances & Giving

Our financial policy is based upon the Biblical principle of generosity. Members give a generous portion of their income to advance gospel ministry as a sign of their gratitude to God for what he has done for them. We as a church, endeavor to be generous in our support of Christian ministry worldwide. We give away at least 11% of our income to ministry outside our church. 10% of all money we receive goes to the denomination and another 2% of all income is given to social concerns. The balance of the money is used to fund gospel ministry locally at St Stephens.


We follow a policy of strict accountability and integrity in the matter of money. Our financial statements are open documents and are available at any time for anyone to inspect. Our policy is for our financial affairs to be audited annually.


St Stephens Banking Details

Std Bank Rondebosch : a/c 071418326 Branch code: 02500911

Arise Banking Details

Std Bank Kromboom: a/c 081465610 Branch code: 02620917

U-turn Banking Details

Std Bank Kromboom: a/c 270325824 Branch code: 02620917


Quarterly Report to view the current quarterly report.