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Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners Working Group

Core Values

Commitment to World Mission

“We commit to World Mission (across international borders), Regional Mission (across cities and provinces) and Local Mission (within our own city).”


Ministry Partners Working Group

We meet at 5pm on the first Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome to drop by and see what we do - come to the blue door at the side of the church.


Ministry Partners Working Group


Mentoring Missionaries

(1) To identify and mentor potential
future missionaries.


(2) To work with the church leadership to provide opportunities for people to explore, identify & grow their gifts prior to & during training.

Short-term Mission

(3) To participate in at least one short-term mission outreach
per year.


(4) To pray regularly for missionaries privately and in the worship services of the church.


(5) To receive feedback from missionaries on home assignment.


(6) To support St Stephen’s missionaries through prayer and financial support.


(7) To partner with other churches in the sending and prayer support of missionaries.

Reporting Back

(8) To report to the church at the Annual Vestry Meeting.

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