How do I get confirmed?

Confirmation is the confirming of the baptismal promises made by your parent/s on your behalf.  You confirm those promises by taking them for yourself.  You were baptised as a child in the understanding that you would be brought up as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and in the expectation that when you were of age you would take upon yourself the faith your parent/s expressed.  If you haven’t been baptised as a child, please speak to me so that we can arrange this. The confirmation ceremony is the public declaration that you understand what Christianity is all about, that you believe it and have decided to follow Jesus as the King of your life and as your Saviour.  There is nothing supernatural about the ceremony.  It doesn’t make you into a Christian, or get you into heaven.  The ceremony is about young Christian people telling their church that they have decided to be followers of Jesus Christ. 


Your faith in Christ

1) You will tell everyone that you take responsibility for your faith i.e. telling everyone that you are a follower of Jesus, you can confirm that you are indeed a Christian.


A request for encouragement

2) You will call on other Christians of this local church to pray for you and to support and encourage you to live a true Christian life.

Know Christ

A little theology

3) Within our confirmation classes you will learn more of the basic details of Christianity and what we at St Stephens believe.

Want to know more?

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Candidates who wish to be confirmed with be required to attend a set of classes with the Youth Pastor, Jared Hey. Give us a call on (021) 683 4945. Or use the email link above.